3 carat diamond engagement rings – metals that can be used

3 carat diamond engagement rings – metals that can be used

A Brief Overview of Diamond Ring

Not only in the present times, the fashion of gifting diamond engagement rings to the loved ones was equally popular as early as 1500 century when, it was used by the Austrian monarchs used it as a means of expressing their love.  In history we will find many royal incidents if gifting diamonds. There are many types of the rings like the single stone rings or the multi stone rings, however whatever be their design of 3 diamond engagement rings the only message they carry is of true love.

Metals that can be used

In most cases the stones come fitted in valuable metals, so that they hold the diamond with proper dignity. This range of metals may vary from yellow, gold, white gold, platinum, or even titanium, depending in the type of the metal you choose for the 3 diamond engagement rings, the look of the ring will also vary.

The weight of a diamond stone is measures in carats. Such a measurement unit is different from that used for gold. When we talk of one carat of a diamond stone, it is a considerable weight, considering the fact that accent stones are measured in points which is less than one carat.

Did you know that a large diamond stone would probably weigh about one carat? That is how the unit of measurement of such a stone is. For such reasons, opting for a three carat diamond stone is no joke. It would cost a small fortune and can only be afforded by the rich and the famous.

Are you looking at splurging for your love? Then get a three carat diamond stone ring as seen above. Such a diamond ring is characterized by a large circular cut diamond which offers considerable brilliance. There are smaller diamond stones set in a semi circular pattern on the ring band.

Here one can find a three carat diamond engagement ring that is sure to fire hearts. For those who can splurge on a diamond ring of considerable size, here is a three carat diamond ring to opt for. The circular cut diamond will shine in all its brilliance with clusters all around the main stone.


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