A beautiful bond: yellow gold diamond bands

A beautiful bond: yellow gold diamond bands

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are the most precious part of a relationship. The custom of exchanging rings when two people get married is age old and has been followed since decades. It is usually donned on the second last finger of the left hand. It is the symbol of long lasting love, togetherness and commitment towards each other. For the special day that involves many memories, emotions and happiness it is a great thought of incorporating the new stylish wedding rings in your jewellery collection.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is one of the most precious metal of all time. Yellow gold is reddish yellow and can be manipulated by mixing with other metals to give different colour gold. It has been popular in jewellery since old times. It is the purest form of gold known. The high carat amount means more purity. Commonly, 18K gold is used in engagement and wedding rings. This gold is the best for jewellery as it is least allergic to skin and can be used as for daily wear purposes. Other variation in gold is the white, pink, black, red, and red gold. This metal needs least maintenance and easiest to work with. Being a malleable alloy which can be carved and designed into beautiful forms. It can also incorporate diamonds along with crafted patterns to give a royal look.

Yellow gold diamond studded bands

Wedding bands have gained popularity in recent times. Bands initially were simple in design and used by men. But as time passed these bands have evolved too and are now available in various designs that include incorporation of diamonds. These bands include designs with crafting and intricate incorporation of diamonds and gem stones. It is indeed a great idea to go for it if you have a wedding ahead. These designer bands are available in most of the jewellery stores and available at the costs according to the design and intricacy involved. Diamond studded wedding bands adds on to the look of the rings. These bands are available for both the couple where bands for men involve sturdy but classy looks while for women they are in gentle, royal and feminine look.

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