Care for men’s ring

Care for men’s ring

Ring is a fashionable piece of jewelry that is like by all. Different metals are in the making of jewelry that affects the appearance, longevity, design and cost.

Metals that are used in making of cheap men’s rings:

 Gold
 Silver
 Platinum
 Stainless steel
 Titanium

Men’s rings are available in two types comfort fit and traditional fit:

Comfort fit:

Comfort fit rings are more rounded from the interiors. They put less pressure on the finger giving a comfortable fit to the user. It is easy for a comfort fit ring to go over the knuckle. They are specially designed for men. They are easier and comfortable to put into the finger and remove it out. Comfort fit rings are thicker than the ordinary ones. They are a bit expensive too as more metal is used to make such rings.

Traditional fit:

The interior of the traditional fit rings are straight. Comfort fit is designed keeping in mind the comfort of the men. Traditional fit are also known as standard fit. The interior of such rings are more squared shape. The cost of traditional fit rings is less as compared to comfort fit. Traditional fit is the older version of rings. The designs of these rings are not specifically focused on comfort.

Tips for Caring for men’s ring:

• Men’s jewelry can be cleaned using a solution of warm water and a mild dish washer liquid or soap. One can just soak the jewelry in this solution, rub it with a soft cloth, pat it and let it dry.

• There are many cleaners available in the market too for cleaning jewelry. One can make use of these too to clean their jewelry.
• Use an old soft toothbrush to clean the stones or the interior design of the ring. Be careful and gentle while cleaning them.

• Men’s rings any other jewelry should be stored carefully. The jewelry should be stored in jewelry bags or a small purse. They should be wrapped in butter paper and kept carefully in the bags designed for storing jewelry.

• When wearing the jewelry one should be careful and avoid them from harmful chemicals like perfume. They should be removed when performing exercises, swimming or any other sports activities and tasks.


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