Top golden ring trends

Top golden ring trends

Gold has been one of the most cherished metals of all times it comes in various forms and shades ranging from white gold to rose gold and to the most traditional form yellow gold. Several designers have realized the beauty of gold and incorporated it in some of their signature pieces. So weather it’s an engagement ring, wedding ring or just an everyday casual rings several designer golden options are available for you.

Top trending golden designer rings.

White gold floral accent ring by Jeff Cooper Designs

Its simple yet has a flowery theme to it with rises that look like vines and buds. It’s a top trend featuring in several celebrity engagement rings and definitely a must have piece.

The mixed gold ring by Gabriel & Co

It incorporates several colors of gold into the ring so if you can’t decide on white, yellow or rose gold this is the ring for you. It has equal amount gold to give just the right color contrast. This is defiantly the ring for colored metal lovers.

Twisted band by Mark Schneider

It’s mostly made using white gold and the rings twist to create a classy yet toned down look. It can be incorporated with diamond to give it the extra flash or just be left plain for lovers of simplicity. This is defiantly a top trend in the world of rings.

The golden rose ring by Coast Diamond

Made using rose gold. It creates a feel of simplicity without going too far as to be too tardy. It brings about a sense of femininity that no other metal can come close to. Incorporated with diamonds to give it that extra shine the rose gold ring is becoming a fast favorite in the female engagement ring world.

The white gold with black diamond ring by Michael hill

A favorite among the men. It’s a simple band with three to four 0.5 carat diamond rings. This ring blends in perfectly with a skin tones and is definitely a must have ring.


So when considering any times of rings gold should definitely be on top of the list.


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