Diamonds at whole sale price

Diamonds at whole sale price

Myth or a Fact?

Well its true Diamonds can be bought at wholesale rate from the Diamond merchants but the difference is the Diamonds sold at wholesale price is not for us the consumers but to retailers who will then design it in their way and sell it to us. Thus, diamonds coming at wholesale price are not likely to be as costly as the retail ones but are not well designed or suited for personal use and as per law wholesalers can’t sale diamonds to the public at wholesale rate and a proper chain needs to be followed before a Diamond is bought.

Dealers dealing in Wholesale

There are various companies which deal with Wholesale of diamonds to Jewelers or companies dealing with stones. Diamond Registry is one of them which specializes in buying or selling of diamonds at wholesale rate and even has a price chart for a common man to know how much a Jeweler charging for the diamond jewelry one is bought by comparing it with the rough wholesale price point. Also as told earlier even these merchants caution against claims of diamonds being sold to public at wholesale rates as that is illegal by law. If a customer or ‘end user’ in their terms wants to buy a diamond it needs to be bought from the retail shops and not the so claimed Wholesaler.

So Can’t I use wholesale rates to know what I’m Paying for the diamond?

Yes, we can do it definitely. These dealers have a price chart for comparison based on carat and size and an end user can use it for estimating the difference between what he is paying for and what the jeweler paid for that diamond. The difference covers charges for cutting, polishing and various other procedures before a diamond is ready to be sold. It varies from retailer to retailer and is completely dependent upon the user as to how well conversed he is in these situations as good knowledge can come in handy when buying that diamond solitaire or pendant you yearned for.


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