Gold and silver rings compared

Gold and silver rings compared

Rings are very important in most cultures irrespective of the continent under consideration. There are numerous reasons that can account for this. Most cultures consider rings as bearing a certain level of importance. But, one thing that is known is the fact that the ring is likely to be made of either gold or silver. These are the common materials that are used by makers of rings. Suppose you want an engagement ring or promise ring, you have to choose between gold and silver. It is either you buy gold or you buy silver rings. In order to make a good choice, you need to know the major differences between the two materials. You also need to know the major similarities that exist between the two materials and the respective rings that are made of them.

Major characteristics

When looking for either silver or gold rings, you need to be aware of the fact that most gold rings are often referred to as white gold rings. This is the gold that is often used for making of gold rings. Therefore, it is safe to say white gold rings instead of gold rings. The jewelry form of silver is often 92.5 % pure because it contains trace elements of copper and other metals. Gold or white gold on the other hand, is a mixture of gold and other metals such as zinc, palladium and nickel. Therefore, its purity is more compromised compared to silver. In as far as color is concerned, white gold is whitish in color but possesses a whitish appearance that is somewhat softer than that of silver.

Caring for silver and gold

Silver is not easy to care for. It has to be stored in a container whose internal humidity is as low as required. In special cases, silica gel can be used to keep out the moisture from the container. This is required in critical cases of moisture content. White gold is very to care for because it does not easily tarnish in air.

Value of gold and silver

Gold and silver are both precious metals. However, silver is priced less than gold. Therefore, you can expect the white gold rings to be more expensive compared to the silver rings.

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