A unique style to make her smile

A unique style to make her smile

A Unique Style to Make Her Smile

Oval halo engagement rings are unique in style making them the perfect gift to a put a smile on your loved one face. It has a precious stone at the center with a perimeter around it.

Variation of Designs

There is no limit on the design variation that you customize with halo engagement rings. It can have several possibilities when it comes to design therefore, you can choose the one that expresses your true love.

The Cushion-Cut

The diamond that adorns the oval halo engagement rings is referred to as cushion-cut. This is simply for the fact that stones placed beside each other with this shape makes it look beautiful. The placement of this cut also allows several possibilities in appearance.

Trend Setter

The many possibility of design with sheer brilliance of many stones has really made this ring a trend setter. Apart from stones, the metal used also contributes to the dazzling look of oval halo engagement rings. The compliments that your loved one will receive for this uniqueness with surely make her smile proudly.

For those who are bored with the square diamond can take a look at the range of oval shaped diamond rings available in the market. If you are planning an engagement, opting for an oval shaped diamond surrounded by diamonds in a halo setting would be a great choice for such an occasion.

When we talk of diamonds in a halo setting, we usually refer to smaller diamonds that surround a larger diamond on a ring band. With an oval diamond solitaire in the middle and smaller diamonds around it and on the ring band, this is a unique ring to opt for.

Diamonds in clusters around a central solitaire stone and smaller stones studded on the ring band are what characterize this diamond ring. If you wish to opt for a unique engagement ring, this is the design to opt for which is an uncommon one and not easily found in the market.

For those who would love to splurge on a lavish diamond ring design, this is a great design to opt for. Here one can check out the double layered halo setting of smaller diamonds around a central diamond. The solitaire has an oval shape that emits a distinct glow. The ring band also has two layers of diamonds on it.

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