A symbol of cherished memories – pearl engagement rings

A symbol of cherished memories – pearl engagement rings

A Symbol of Cherished Memories

Couples who prefer non-traditional engagement rings for the special occasion are the admirers of pearl engagement rings. Studded in white gold and platinum, pearl engagement ring looks graceful, fashionable and smart.


Pearl engagement rings have gained popularity because these rings are inexpensive in comparison to other metals like diamond and platinum. Pearl rings come within budget and saves your precious money.


Pearl engagement rings comes in variable styles and designs. A combination of colored pearl with sapphire or diamonds makes the engagement ring exquisite. Studded in platinum or white gold, swirl shaped pearl or vintage rings will also give unique and charming look to the rings

Colors and Shapes

Availability of variable colors gives pearl engagement rings a unique and impressive look. Oval, round, square or tear shaped pearls make a great and classy combination with gemstones like diamond, rubies, pink sapphire or blue topaz. Various shapes and colors can be chosen from online stores as well.

The pearl should not be discounted when it comes to non traditional engagement rings. The pearl can add an elegant shade to any ring design and it usually lasts for a lifetime. For all such reasons, opting for a shaded pearl ring with accent stones all around it would be a great ring to opt for.

Here one can check out the pale beige color of the pearl which is placed on the ring. The pearl is set on an encrusted ring band which makes the design a retro and exclusive design. Such a ring would be great to opt for when you are planning to propose to a special lady.

This pearl engagement ring has a wonderful look and feel. The floral patterns on either side of the pearl makes it an exquisite design. Such an engagement ring would not cost as much as a diamond ring but will definitely be a wonderful design to opt for in order to woo your lady love.

This is a simple yet elegant design which is sure to win the heart of any lady you wish to propose to. For such reasons, this design for an engagement ring is very popular. The pearl is the central stone which has accent white stones on a curved part of the ring band accentuating the pearl on the ring.


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