Traditional vs modern wedding rings

Traditional vs modern wedding rings

Initially, men were used to wearing very simple rings without any designs or styles. The men only wore the wedding rings mainly for what is signifies which includes but not limited to power or authority (royal rings), wedding or engagement rings. In recent times however, the wind of fashion has also blown to most men who love to wear fancy and expensive rings for fancy or a symbol. Ladies have always being the gender who are more jewelry conscious and love all types of jewelries including rings. They have always loved fanciful rings and even some of the men’s fanciful rings are probably inspired from beautiful female rings designs.

Both in the olden days and in recent times however, one of the major functions of rings has always been for engagement and wedding purposes. The rings are used to symbolize the exit from singlehood. Rings are thus very powerful, important and efficient wedding symbols that if you should inform anybody that you are married, the first thing they tend to look out for is for your wedding ring or wedding band. Some would even go further to ask in the event that they don’t spot one on you.


Traditional wedding rings are styled in such a way that they come in a pair of both wedding and engagement rings. This implies that when you wear your engagement ring first, you can later wear your wedding ring on it and they both sort of look as if they are merged. These types of rings are also cheaper than buying both types of rings separately.


Technology has aided in the ease at which stones could be cut in perfect ways and has thus have a great influence on the styles of wedding and engagement rings. Both the male and female rings complement each other and look nice that you could match one to the other in the midst of a lot of rings.


While stylish and big rings are more beautiful and attractive, the major factor that determines your ring first is cost and your taste as regards the many gemstones currently in existence. Your ring could also enhance your image as well as that of your spouse since humans tends to be attractive to and give a lot of respect to expensive things.



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