Art deco engagement rings: cut, carat, color and clarity

Art deco engagement rings: cut, carat, color and clarity

Vintage Art Deco engagements rings are the pure symbol of luxury and lavishness. The art, architecture and fashion from that period have a flashy, yet traditional beauty. The main characteristics of the Vintage Art Deco engagement rings are the attention to the details and the richness of decorative elements, such as flowers, hearts, vines or birds. Every vintage Art Deco rings are finely chiseled, in a very eye/catchy way. The rings generally have very attractive settings, with filigree alongside the band and beautiful bezels, which emphasize the qualities of the central stone.

Are vintage Art Deco engagement rings suitable for you?

Well, that is a very important question. Vintage Art Deco engagement rings have personality and very clear characteristics. They spell luxury, even ostentatious luxury. So, if you love to wear glamorous accessories, this is the ring for you. But, if you are a modern lady, and you like to dress casually and to wear simple, discreet accessories, then probably vintage art Deco engagement rings, with their complicated, eye-catching design, are not the best option for you. Generally, those rings are quite: not necessarily because of the central stone, mostly because the complicated setting. So, if you have small hands and short fingers, oversized Vintage art deco engagement rings will probably look a little strange on you. But if you have long fingers, the complex beauty of those rings will perfectly compliment your hands.

How to recognize them?

Those rings are pretty easy to recognize, because they have very precise characteristics. First of all, the metal. The wide majority of vintage art deco engagement rings are made of platinum, white gold or silver. The ones made of yellow gold are very rare and thus more expensive. The settings are also easy to identify: they contain stylized flowers, birds and other elements, such as vines, leaves and hearts.

Vintage art deco engagement rings: real or replicas?

You can go both ways. Real antiques are generally more expensive than modern replicas, but you get an object that was handcrafted in an exquisite way, by very talented craftsmen. However, they are pretty hard to find.


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