Yellow gold rings: you’re companion for life

Yellow gold rings: you’re companion for life

With the wedding season approaching, choosing a wedding ring can be a difficult task for many. But, as something that you will be wearing for the rest of your life, it is highly advisable to spend some time in choosing the perfect ring for your wedding.

Gold rings are a preferred choice for many when it comes to choosing a wedding ring. However, even after knowing that you want to buy yourself a yellow gold ring, there are many factors to look into before finally making your final selection. Let us take a look at some of the aspects that can enable you to take a wise decision.

Gold ring karat

How many karats of gold are there in your ring is the most important factor while purchasing one? Karat is the number that tells you about the parts of pure gold in the jewelry, out of the 24 parts from what a jewelry is made of. A 10-karat gold ring contains about 42% of gold, while the rest is other metals like zinc, nickel, etc. Thus, a gold with higher number of karats is more expensive as it contains more amount of pure gold.

Durability also pays a major impact when it comes to choosing a gold ring. As pure gold is soft, choosing a gold ring with higher karat is not advisable, as it can bend or break easily. Gold rings that are low in karat are harder and difficult to scratch or wear-off as compared to rings with higher karat.

Nickel content

Many people are allergic to nickel and it is one of the most common addition to gold alloys. Thus, it is highly advisable for individuals with nickel allergies to buy gold rings that are high in karat, as they contain lower amount of nickel in them. Though, it’s not true that rings with low nickel content cannot cause allergies, the chances of developing them are very less, as compared to the ones with low karat, high nickel content.

Ring Setting

If you are about to choose a yellow gold ring with stones in it, then it is highly recommended to know the setting of your ring, especially with prong-type settings, where small posts are used to hold the pieces together.

It is not advisable to buy a ring with yellow gold prongs. As mentioned above, gold is a soft metal and if 2-3 of the prongs are bend or broken, you can even lose the expensive gemstone. Thus, it is better to buy gold rings that have platinum or white gold prongs, which are known to be much more durable.

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