Yin yang necklace

Yin yang necklace

The Yin Yang necklace draws its inspiration from the Yin Yang philosophy. The philosophy originated from China and it states that everything in on earth exists in two forces that are opposing yet complementary to each other. The Yin Yang has two major colors black and white. The black section represents feminine characteristics, submission, passiveness etc. The white part is associated with male, dominance, brightness etc. The symbols have two small circles of the opposite color that shows nothing is absolute.

Choosing The Necklace

You can buy the necklaces with separate Yin Yang symbols. That means that the necklace will have two separate pendants of the symbols. You may also buy a necklace with the symbols joined together- this usually shows the interaction between two forces. The design and the color of the pendants are the same. The only thing you can consider is the material.

Images Of The Necklace

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Yin Yang Necklace

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