Diamond Rings

A beautiful bond: yellow gold diamond bands

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Wedding Rings Wedding rings are the most precious part of a relationship. The custom of exchanging rings when two people get married is age old and has been followed since decades. It is usually donned on the second last finger of the left hand. It is the symbol of long lasting love, togetherness and commitment towards each other. For the ...

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Selection tips for bridal sets

This is one of the common confusions that people shopping for wedding jewelry have: the difference between a bridal set and wedding set. Difference between wedding set and bridal set In the terminology used by jewelers, bridal set consists of the jewelry worn only by the bride i.e. the engagement ring and its complementary wedding band, whereas the wedding set ...

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Diamonds and designs used in men’s wedding bands

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Diamonds and their various Types Diamonds come in various shapes and sizes and based on their impurities also have different colors. So there are also a huge variety of rings available in the market incorporating the various flavors of diamond and based on the clarity, cut and carat of the stone in question come at different price ranges and one ...

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Picture of wedding rings with description

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Wedding rings are of supreme importance. A huge variety of wedding rings is available in the market. If you are the one looking for wedding rings, you have a huge decision to make. It is not only a ring. It is a life time memory. It conveys the message of love. It shows understanding and commitment. You are going to ...

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